*This blog was originally published in 2018.

Here at Tree Sparks, we are lucky to have a great team of people working hard to achieve our vision and spread the word about forestry and environmental careers – and they are such a nice bunch that we want you to get to know them! This week, we’re hearing from Mima, our Founder and Director.

Hi everyone! My name is Mima and I am the mastermind behind Tree Sparks. If there is one thing you need to know about me, then that would be that I LOVE TREES! The past few years of my life have revolved about trees – learning about trees, reading about trees, watching trees, climbing trees, talking about trees and now starting an enterprise all about trees.

My journey into the world of forestry only started 4 years ago, when I decided that I wanted to study something outdoorsy at university, and in my endless UCAS searches, I came across forestry and was instantly interested. After dragging my parents to a open day at Bangor Uni, I was hooked and determined that forestry was what I wanted to do. So, 3 years ago, I moved to Wales and started learning everything and anything I could about trees and I have loved every minute!

But it’s not all just lectures and assignments and meetings – I like to get out and about as much as I can in between those early morning lectures.

I am a volunteer ranger in the Peak District which basically means, I have to go on patrol around the park at weekends, saying hello to people, helping them out or letting them know when they are doing something that maybe they shouldn’t be. Over the long student summers, I get back to nature, working for an outdoor education centre as an instructor. I live in a tent and the forest becomes my classroom, showing teenages that there is more to life than their phones. I get to make fires, chop logs, go on long walks and teach people how to climb and get paid for it (it isn’t all glamorous, especially not when it rains or you’re on washing up duty!)

However, I am also very interested in maps and mapping technology, known as GIS, so when I’m not outside getting that all important vitamin D, I can usually be found hunched over a computer messing around in GIS. I managed to turn my hours of messing around on computers into something positive by becoming an assistant data volunteer for the RSPB, so every now and again, I head over to Anglesey and help to input bird sighting data (normally when it’s wet and cold so I can avoid going outside).

And then 6 months ago, I took the (rather out of the blue decision) to start this social enterprise to try and share my passion for trees and the environment with all of you! I am very lucky to now have an awesome team helping me do this so watch this space as they’ll be along soon to introduce themselves!

Mima founded Tree Sparks 6 months ago with the help of Big Ideas Wales, B-Enterprising and UnLtd. You can follow her on Twitter @mimaletts