Tree Sparks interviews Heloise, a Forestry student from the Scottish School of Forestry (UHI) in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019.

What do you study?

I am studying at the Scottish School of Forestry … and I’m loving it!

Why forestry?

I decided to study forestry as it is becoming a major key to tackle climate change. I believe we do need more adequate and resilient forests to absorb our CO2 and to increase the production of timber as we need more renewable material.

Favourite Tree?

My favorite tree species is Scots Pine (pinus sylvestris). I particularly love the old “granny “pines.  Their majestic beauty is fascinating!

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing forestry today?

Tackling pests and diseases, high temperatures, high winds and early frosts will (very) soon be the main challenge the industry will have to face. And it is going to be tough.

What next?

I would love to take part in some ways in the sustainable reforestation that the world need, either in Scotland or overseas.

Advice for future female foresters?

To any women thinking about joining the forestry industry I would say: Forestry is fantastic and offers amazing opportunities. The industry is still gender unbalanced but change is coming! More and more women are getting involved.  There are loads of jobs out there needing to be filled up by inspired and inspiring women. So join in!