Forum Rules ‚Äč

the code of conduct

The Tree Sparks forums are a place for young people, students and anyone with an interest in forestry to discuss, share and ask questions on topics related to forestry and the environment. We expect our members to treat others as they would wish to be treated. We will not tolerate any of the following:

  • Abusive comments including the use of bad language

  • Personal attacks on other users

  • Cross-posting (posting the same post in multiple forums)

  • Any unlawful, threatening, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content or in breach of any copyright laws or obligations of confidence

  • The sharing of external resources related to discussions is encouraged, however, it would be preferred that users ask for resources to be added to the Tree Sparks resources page so that this may be referred to by others in the future.

  • Advertising job vacancies other than those already listed on the Tree Sparks website


Members should not act in any way to disrupt the flow of an ongoing discussion but are encouraged to join and add to such discussions. If a member does not wish to participate in an ongoing discussion or wished to begin a discussion on a non-related topic, they are kindly requested to either start a new thread or post in the more relevant forum.


Our forums will be moderated by admins, who have the right to remove any posts or comments which go against this code of conduct.


The admins have the final say, and will not hesitate to remove or suspend any members who are found to repetitively break this code of conduct.