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Mima Letts

founder and director

Mima started Tree Sparks in 2018 with the aim of increasing awareness of forestry careers in young people. As a current student studying Forestry at Bangor University, Mima found herself facing many barriers when she decided that forestry was the career path for her. Careers in forestry and the environment are often not advertised by schools and misunderstood making it hard for young people to get into forestry. After experiencing this for herself, Mima wants to change this by shining the light on the mixed and varied roles available in forestry.


Mima has been studying Forestry for the past 3 years at Bangor University, working as an outdoor activity instructor during the summer seasons. Alongside her studies, Mima is a Publications Officer for the International Forestry Students Association and Campaign and Fundraising Coordinator on the Students for Trees project Council. She is also a qualified Volunteer Ranger for the Peak District National Park and loves to spend as much time as she can out in the forest.​

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Tom Morrissey

lead ambassador

Tom has a Masters in Geography from Bangor University and is the Societies Development Coordinator at Aberystwyth University Students Union. As Lead Ambassador, Tom handles our engagement with students across the UK and has a keen eye for design helping to produce our graphics and resources. In his spare time, Tom enjoys getting out, meeting new people and learning new skills.

communications manager

Karishma Patel

Karishma is a graduate of Geography from Bangor University with her studies focusing on people’s interaction with the notion of sustainability and sustainable living. As our Communications Manager, Karishma is in charge of all external communication and keeping our social media channels up to date and looking wonderful. Karishma is an avid traveller, having travelled around Europe and further afield in Asia. 

web editor

Tom (a BSc Software Development Student at Edinburgh Napier University)  provides the main web development services to Tree Sparks on a freelance basis. Monitoring, updating and proactively seeking out web improvements for Tree Sparks and its digital output, Tom hopes to ensure that the company continues to grow digitally. 

Tom, who works Full-Time for the Scottish Parliament as a Web and Online Officer brings several years of experience in both public and third sector communications.