Igniting Conversation
About Trees

Tree Sparks is a social enterprise on a mission to dispel the myths surrounding forestry and demonstrate that environmental careers are viable and hugely rewarding.

Supporting Forestry Careers

We support current forest and environmental students at the start of their career by providing opportunities to work with small start-up businesses and develop transferable skills.

We Are A Social Enterprise

We believe that the best way to run a business is do so for good.

We Are Passionate About Trees

We love talking about trees of every kind, and believe we should protect our natural environment.

We Are Motivators

We believe in opportunities for young people and do everything we can to motivate them towards success in the industry.

We Are Youth Lead

We believe in the 'power of youth' and that the best way for young people to make a difference in the industry is to speak up for what we believe in.

What We Do

Conversation Starters

We provide a place to discuss the environmental industry and have difficult conversations about the issues the industry faces.

Opportunity Makers

We offer opportunities to young people who want to make a start in the environmental industy, with a particular focus on forestry.

Resource Creators

We create resource for young people to learn about the environment and gain information about the possible careers they could have in the industry.

Our Blogs